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Teleprompter Software


WinPrompter is a full featured, native Windows-based Teleprompter program at a Ridiculously Low Cost*.

WinPrompter is designed to run on even the slowest PC, with minimum graphics resolution on any Windows platform. Download a DEMO here.

WinPrompter Teleprompter Software provides Full Screen, Screaming Fast, Smooth Scroll with unlimited Font Styles, Sizes, Background and Foreground Colors, with Right- or Reverse-Reading capabilities. The Scroll Speed is controlled by either keyboard, mouse or mousewheel (also trackball or trackwheel devices). Extremely fast to learn and easy to use.

The WinPrompter Teleprompter Software package normally sells for $265, but is included FREE when purchased with one of our Teleprompter Heads, and comes complete with a 3-ring binder, disc and Users Manual.

MAC-Prompter Software

MAC-Prompter Teleprompter software is a cost effective Teleprompting package that is available for MACs running OS-X or newer, or OS-9 or older.

MAC-Prompter is the premier teleprompter program for the most demanding professional teleprompting uses. It has many studio teleprompter uses, such as radio, television, and multimedia production; business/government presentations; student audio-visual classes, video-blogging, and videoconferencing. Download a DEMO here.

MAC-Prompter Basic has all the standard features you would expect, a built-in word processor, the ability to import .txt and .rtf files, adjustable screen size, and much more. The Basic version is perfect for budget applications.

MAC-Prompter is an extra-cost-item for our Teleprompter System.