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Ridiculously Low Cost Teleprompters

since 1984

Thank you for your interest in our Ridiculously Low Cost Teleprompter Systems.
We feature Rugged, Good-Pull-For-Your-Money hardware solutions with state of the art Hardware designs, using only the finest materials and construction and built here in the USA.

Our Hardware products are robust USA over-designs, manufactured in the USA from heavy duty aircraft aluminum to hold up under the harshest treatment, designed for portability, easy packing, easy tranport, and light weight. All of our Hardware comes with a 1-year parts and labor Warranty. All of our electronics come with a 90-day parts and labor warranty. Our Teleprompters feature full side 15" Color LCD VGA Monitors, available with both glass and unbreakable reflectors.

All of our products are Guaranteed to work right out of the box, and are Warranted to keep working for years to come. Our software products are state of the art, designed, tested and supported right here in the USA.

PC Teleprompter software is included in our Teleprompter Systems at no charge. (MAC Teleprompter software is available at extra cost.) Our PC Teleprompter Software Runs on all Windows platforms. MAC Teleprompter Software is available for OS-X and newer, or OS-9 or older. 

You can test our claims of greatness by downloading a DEMO version of our
PC Teleprompter Software or MAC Teleprompter Software